Hello readers,

The winter season is here which means dry skin, dull hair and the problem that every girl faces, dry and chapped lips. You’re out with your friends with your makeup looking all fabulous and then there are your dry and chapped lips, obviously you don’t want that. We all have our budgets and want to look our best without putting a lot of money into it.

So here are the top 4 lip balms that I can swear by:


This is THE BEST lip balm I have ever used in my life and trust me when I say that because I have used many. Different people have different opinions. I have been using this product for more than 2 years. Let’s talk about it more in a little detail.


  •  It gives instant moisture that lasts definitely more than 3 hours.
  •  It has SPF 20, who doesn’t like some SPF.
  •  When it says elasticity increased it means it because then you smile from ear to ear without worrying about your lips tearing up.
  •  It is just for Rs. 150/- .
  •  Most of them have amazing fragrances and they come in many different colors too.


  •  It does wear off a little bit after you eat something but that’s not a big pain because you only lose the shine not the moisture.
  • If your lips are not scrubbed properly there are chances that a white-ish layer may form on your lips. Scrubbing your lips with a scrub every morning is the solution to avoid this layer.
  • After some time the cap becomes lose and doesn’t have that grip anymore, which may prove to be a headache.


If you want the benefits of both, a balm and a lipstick go for the Revlon colorburst balm. Oh, and did I mention its matte? Every girl’s dream right! Let’s get into the details:


  •  It’s matte. Some people feel that matte cosmetics tend to dry their skin, but this is not so in this case.
  •  It is moisturizing. It keeps your lips soft at all times.
  •  Buildable. It gives you a bold lip if you add more coats of the product.
  •  Variety of shades for all kinds of skin color.


  • It’s expensive. It’s for Rs 800/-
  •  Not that long lasting. It needs to be re-applied after eating or drinking something.
  •  It sinks into the crease of your lips.


I love this brand because whenever I walk into the shop, I see all fruity products that smell so good.

This is a great product only if you like fragrance in your cosmetics. I personally love balms that have a beautiful fragrance which is why this worked for me. Let’s talk about this in detail:


=It gives your lips that perfect shine.

= It has the most amazing flavors and the most amazing fragrances.


  •  Tub packaging. I hate when you have to dip your finger into the product and then apply. It is not only unhygienic but I don’t have control over the application also.
  •  It doesn’t moisturize.
  •  it’s not stay on.
  •  It’s not much of a color payoff.
  •  It’s of Rs 275/-. I find it to be unnecessarily expensive.


This is an amazing color changing lip balm that stays on for a really long time and the color does not wear off even a little bit. With just one application you can get a bold lip. I was very shocked and happy to see the results. There are two colors; peach blossom and pink blossom. I recommend the pink blossom because it gives that pouty look. Let’s get into some detail:


  • It gives color and that pouty look.
  •  The color lasts for a really long time.
  •  SPF 16.


  •  If the lips are not scrubbed, a white layer may form.
  • Not moisturizing.

(Disclaimer: All reviews are given out of personal experience.)