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I’m back with another review and I’m so excited about this product. I’m so happy that Maybelline finally launched its new range of baby lips in India. As you all know from my previous blogs, I love me some baby lips. So here is a new and better one that I picked up recently. Let’s get into the details:

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So let’s just sit down for a moment and admire the packaging. I love products that have cute packaging and are from the drugstore. It has such vibrant and neon colors.

You get 3.5g for $3.99,  Rs 165/-


It keeps your lips soft and hydrated. It has shea butter & Vitamin E. it comes in 4 flavors and each of them has a light fragrance to it. The colors may look bright in the package but when applied, it gives a very soft and natural look.



It has the same qualities and benefits as the normal baby lips. It gives your lips some color so you do not have to put lip gloss which isn’t even moisturizing. It will renew your lips in 1 week.


  • Always scrub your lips after having a bath to avoid formation of dry and dead skin.
  •  [optional] After scrubbing use a little bit of your daily face cream on your lips too.
  •  Apply baby lips.


  •  Keeps your lips hydrated for a long time.
  •  It gives your lips a shine (although it does not last more than two hours).
  •  It has different colors so you have a variety to choose from.
  •  Lovely fragrances and they’re not too strong. All flavors have a very refreshing scent.
  •  It has Shea butter and Vitamin E.



  •  Does not have SPF. :(
  • The shine does not last for a long time, however the lips always do feel soft.
  •  8-hour claim not true.
  •  The content is quite less than the original baby lips.



If you’re like me and want a cutely packaged, lovely fragranced lip balm at a low price. This is for you.

(Disclaimer: all the reviews that I give are based on my personal experience, I do not mean to promote or demote any brand. Different people may have different opinions.)


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