Hello world, I’m back again to clear all your doubts regarding different makeup products and their uses. This will be an explanation as to what is bronzing

We all want that Kim Kardashian perfect face cut right? Don’t worry if you don’t have it because makeup will help you. Just applying foundation to your skin makes you look pale, dull and sick. Foundation is used to cover up and minor imperfections and also to given an even skin color.

This basically adds color back to your face so that it does not look pale and dull. Let’s look at the magic of a bronzer first,



Blown away right?? Let’s talk about this in detail:


This is a darker color powder. Adding a darker color to some areas of your face, creates shadows and make you face look perfect. If you’re not into everyday hardcore highlight and contour, you can use just a bronzer for a more natural look. There are many bronzers of different brands and it should be used according to its formula.

  • This can be called contouring as well.
  •  If it’s matte, it can be applied to the contour areas. It can also be used to set the cream contour areas.
  •  If it has shimmer in it, I would not recommend using it in the contour areas.
  •  The places where bronzer should be applied to the, hollows of your cheeks, sides of your nose, temples of the forehead and on the jaw line.

Here are some examples :)



I would really recommend you investing in a good bronzer because one simple step can change your look. Feel free to ask any questions here or on my Facebook page. (Shivali Makeovers)

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